Dear Alaskans,

The Laundry Group is here to be the expert for all your laundry needs. We are a unique new era company in a state where being one dimensional will leave you behind. The Laundry Group is operated by experienced professionals in all aspects of laundry operation, design, maintenance, and supply. We bring a completely new idea to this business segment and want all of our customers to feel as if their laundry concerns are a thing of the past. Many industries use laundry as a necessary pillar of business operation, but the size and scope of that pillar can vary greatly. We want you to know that whichever path is best for your organization, we will be here to support you. With decades of combined laundry experience we will work with you to find answers to the question that all users are seeking, am I getting the right deal and is that a good deal. We want to help you find your lane. If you need new equipment, if you need your equipment to run better, if you need your items to be cleaner, if you don't want to do laundry anymore, if you just need some advice, we want to offer you our help.

The Laundry Group offers service technicians, equipment sales, laundry supplies, outsourcing options, workflow consultations, and linen supply. Consider us a consulting firm whose ideas are backed with assets and experience. Don't let companies with only a brochure and a business card tell you what's the best way to produce. The truth is all the previous players in this space have zero production experience in your industry. Do you want to listen to a salesman tell you how a product should work, or do you want an expert user to show you the best way to maximize your efforts. Laundry specs never materialize in the real world because of the human element. We know what is feasible and what is a novelty. Please invite us to the table and let us prove to you our value. All consultations are free of charge and will provide you with the information you need to feel like you have the right deal. Laundry is a cost of doing business, but it should never be a cost of losing business.

Here at the Laundry Group we believe that the only way for us to be successful is to make you more successful. It is our golden rule.

Please give us a call at 907-519-0758


the Laundry Group